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Design for Conservation

Design for Conservation

Preliminary Announcement, Hong Kong Land Development Roundtable

Event Details
Land Development and Conservation in Hong Kong - Roundtable and Workshop

, HKU Faculty of Architecture, venue TBA

Description and Rationale
Development debates surrounding conversion of Hong Kong's conservation areas are understandably polarized. These conversations will remain superficial and without traction unless a strategy can be developed for systematically analysing the Development Bureau's "multi-pronged" approaches. While action to improve country park continuity has waned since clear advances two years ago, zoning amendments for some 150 proposed housing locations, almost half within Green Belts, are ongoing to fulfill the Bureau's short-term development goals. Medium- and long-term strategies, including development of country parks and reclamation studies, parallel these efforts. Planners, academics, and citizens must be both supportive and critical of piecemeal and negotiated approaches to development, especially where conservation land uses are at stake. The need for territory-wide dialogue is imminent.

Sustainable development is best achieved with wide access to information, participation and public support. However, most information available to the public is either shown in aggregate across the territory or scaled to individual sites. For these reasons, the Land Development and Conservation in Hong Kong Roundtable and Workshop will showcase the act of analysis and informed spatial debate. The programme for 27 February is half roundtable, half workshop. Following presentations of case studies by academics and think tanks, an open working session is organized around an interactive map of spatially explicit, publicly available information to simultaneously deepen and broaden development and conservation debates.

Diagram of Hong Kong Green Belt government-proposed housing sites

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