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Design for Conservation

Design for Conservation: Launch: Development and Conservation Awareness Map for Hong Kong

Launch: Development and Conservation Awareness Map for Hong Kong

Development and Conservation Awareness Map (DCAM) is a platform that facilitates dialogue by coordinating often contradictory knowledge of development projects, at any stage of planning and operation, impacting the territory. As new plans for projects are discovered or as existing projects change course, they can be added to the map via simple drawing tools, uploading, and commentary by a diverse array of user groups.

The first trial of DCAM was released for southern Myanmar as one among many efforts to close information gaps related to conservation and development ethics.

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Current map layers

DevBApproximately 150 potential housing sites (points) with zoning classes2014-12-31
DevBPotential medium and long-term areas2014-12-31
DevBUnallocated government lands with zoning2012-10-16
CEDDLonglisted reclamation potential2012-01-19
TPBOutline Zoning Plan (Green Belts, Conservation Areas, etc.)2015-09
TPBDevelopment Permission Areas (DPA)2015-08-21
TPBComprehensive Development Areas (CDA)2015-05-04
TPBCountry Park Village Enclave boundaries2010-08
TPBWetland Conservation Area and Buffer Area2014-01-29
PlanDCountry Parks and Special Areas2010-08
AFCDEcologically Important Streams (AFCD precise segment)2015-07-17

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