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Design for Conservation

Design for Conservation

HKU Team Returns from Peru

A research team, led by Ashley Scott Kelly and assisted by Maxime Decaudin, of eight HKU Master of Landscape Architecture students spent 10 days on the ground in Lima and Peru's San Martin, Amazonas, and Loreto regions. The group followed the end segment of the recently completed IIRSA Norte Highway from the Alto Mayo Protected Forest to Yurimaguas and Juanhui to learn about the environmental problems exacerbated by the improved ground connection. The highway proper runs from Paita on the Pacific Ocean to Yurimaguas, a jungle port on a major tributary of the Amazon River. The team visited three NGOs working with several communities in the former heart of the Amazon's heavily deforested coca producing region, observing cacao, coffee, and palm production methods, REDD carbon credit schemes, reforestation programs, samples of each type of Peru's decentralized system of Protected Areas, and ecological interpretation centers meant to help preserve one of the most biodiverse regions on the planet. The visit concluded with a meeting at Peru's Ministry of the Environment offices in Lima.

Team at Santa Rosa, San Martin. By Ashley Scott Kelly, 2012.
Team at Santa Rosa, San Martin. By Ashley Scott Kelly, 2012.

Team members, from left: Guo Feng (Franky), Zhang Yucong (Viola), Huang Hao (Gary), Kong Lok Lam (Tina), Xia Lewei (Peggy), Han Qin, He Haiyi (Sharon), Wong Wai Shing (Benny)

The team would like to send out thanks to the NGOs, institutions and individuals who hosted and accompanied us on our journey:

Roldan Rojas Paredes and his team at PUR, Fundación Amazonia Viva, ACOPAGRO, APAHUI, and Santa Rosa;
Constantino Aucca Chutas and his team at ECOAN's research centers, lodge and nurseries around the Alto Mayo Protected Forest;
Marco León and Stephanie Gallusser of INIBICO for their guidance in the Cordillera Escalera and route to Yurimaguas;
The Universidad Nacional de San Martín for their kind provision of transport between Tarapoto and Yurimaguas;
The Municipalidad Provincial Mariscal Cáceres for their provision of transport around Juanhui;
The municipality of Dos de Mayo and village of Pucallpillo for their generous hospitality in the Alto Huayabamba region;
Officials at the Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
Peruvian Consul General David Malaga and Renato Blain in Hong Kong; and
Sharif Kahatt and Marta Morelli of K+M Arquitectura y Urbanismo for their gracious hosting in and tour of Lima.
A further thanks is extended to The University of Hong Kong's Faculty of Architecture for their continued support of the project.

El equipo le gustaría enviar a cabo gracias a las ONG, instituciones y personas que acogieron y nos acompañaron en nuestro viaje:
Roldan Rojas Paredes y su equipo de PUR, Fundación Amazonia Viva, ACOPAGRO, APAHUI y Santa Rosa;
Constantino Aucca Chutas y su equipo en los centros de investigación de ECOAN, alojamiento y viveros de árboles en todo el Bosque de Protección Alto Mayo;
Marco León y Stephanie Gallusser de INIBICO por su orientación en la Cordillera Escalera y la ruta a Yurimaguas;
La Universidad Nacional de San Martín para su provisión tipo de transporte entre Tarapoto y Yurimaguas;
La Municipalidad Provincial de Mariscal Cáceres por su oferta de transporte en torno a Juanhui;
La Municipalidad de Dos de Mayo y El Caserío de Pucallpillo por su generosa hospitalidad en la región del Alto Huayabamba;
Los funcionarios del Ministerio del Ambiente, Ministerio de Agricultura y el Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores;
Cónsul General del Perú David Málaga y Renato Blain en Hong Kong, y
Sharif Kahatt y Marta Morelli de K + M Arquitectura y Urbanismo para su hospitalidad y presentación de Lima.
Un agradecimiento se extiende a más de la Universidad de Hong Kong Facultad de Arquitectura por su continuo apoyo al proyecto.

Site visit map for San Martin and Loreto.
Site visit map for San Martin and Loreto.

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