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Design for Conservation

Design for Conservation

Keywords: #design  #conservation  #landscapePlanning  #gis  #infrastructure  #deforestation  #hongKong  #china  #myanmar  #nepal  #amazon  #mekong 

Environmental Futures Initiative

Ashley Scott Kelly

My work focuses on scenario-building and filling knowledge gaps for environmental conservation and sustainable development, especially in regions that lack adequate knowledge or transparency in development information and spatial data. I apply landscape and architecture design methods to land change and landscape ecology, with wide expertise on the manipulation of geospatial data for the study, advocacy, design and delivery of projects in ecologically complex and contested landscapes. Recent works include design guidelines for tropical road infrastructure, corridor modelling for wildlife crossing design, and a Development and Conservation Awareness Map for southern Myanmar and Hong Kong. Key professional works range widely in scale, from new town planning to the winning entry for New York City’s 46,000-acre Gateway National Park. I offer studio and lecture courses on regional landscape planning, landscape media, and GIS and research-based seminars on environmental conservation, modernization and rural development in Hong Kong, China, South and Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Laos), and Latin America. I have coordinated the thesis in landscape architecture at The University of Hong Kong for four years.